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Warren County Yearly Summary

Warren County Pioneers
Warren County High School

199 Pioneer Lane McMinnville, TN
Stadium: Nunley Stadium
Colors: Red, White & Blue
Coach: Matt Turner

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20216A*0-0003 Matt Turner  
20206A*8-32941990-1131735-2163155 Matt Turner  
20196A*4-621030933-4147240 Matt Turner  
20186A*2-810635330-626273 Tom Moore  
20176A*3-717938330-642289 Tom Moore  
20166A*2-91473720-1143521-668270 Tom Moore  
20156A*1-101144190-173520-759317 Tom Moore  
2014I-AAA*4-623130362-398147 Scott Smith  
2013I-AAA*1-919431660-5111179 Tommy Johnson  
2012I-AAA*3-721637962-299122 Tommy Johnson  
2011I-AAA*0-1011041160-462163 Tommy Johnson  
2010I-AAA*3-720135462-2129151 Tommy Johnson  
2009I-AAA*4-630328862-211574 Chris Madewell  
2008I-AAAAA*4-71722540-1143133-29191 Chris Madewell  
2007I-AAAAA*5-62302110-172832-391115 Chris Madewell  
2006I-AAAAA*4-71962200-135432-310494 Chris Madewell  
2005I-AAAAA*5-62792670-174832-3115119 Chris Madewell  
2004I-AAAAA*0-1010942130-548230 Chris Madewell  
2003I-AAAAA*0-106045630-533235 Chris Madewell  
2001I-AAAAA*1-911733530-562146 Heath Woods  
2000I-AAAAA*0-105832040-743269 Heath Woods  
1999I-AAAAA*2-816241140-780315 Glen Campbell  
1998I-AAAAA*0-104137240-620230 Glen Campbell  
1997I-AAAAA*4-617424541-577170 Glen Campbell  
1996AAAAA*3-714624442-598193 Sid Fritts  
1995AAAAA*0-105430540-725231 Sid Fritts  
1994AAAAA*1-912324140-882208 Franklin Fisher  
1993AAAAA*4-615617642-6113158 Franklin Fisher  
1992AAA*2-89328771-433178 Franklin Fisher  
1991AAA*0-106234970-534201 Franklin Fisher  
1990AAA*8-326717673-2121102 Ray Barnes  
1989AAA*4-616019172-37676 Ray Barnes  
1988AAA*5-517818171-446110 Ray Barnes  
1987AAA*3-718027371-496146 Ray Barnes  
1986AAA*2-74920871-432129 Ray Barnes  
1985AAA*1-88719270-540101 Bobby Newby  
1984AAA*3-715718972-39682 Bobby Newby  
1983AAA*10-22301111-120167#5-014042 Bobby Newby  
1982AAA*8-325311673-16954 Bobby Newby  
1981AAA*4-518920072-28988 Bobby Newby  
1980AAA*11-2351732-150507#4-01337 Bobby Newby  
1976AAA*4-61011492 Edd Cantrell  
1975AAA*9-22601322 Edd Cantrell  
1974AAA*8-32121552 Edd Cantrell  
1973AAA*10-1253900-114342 Edd Cantrell  
1972AAA*4-4-2123872 Pedro Paz  
1971AAA*2-7-1681462 Pedro Paz  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

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