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Montgomery Central Yearly Summary

Montgomery Central Indians
Central High School

3955 Highway 48 Cunningham, TN
Colors: Red, White & Blue
Coach: Jeff Tomlinson

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20214A*0-0005 Jeff Tomlinson  
20204A*3-55512151-535111 Jeff Tomlinson  
20194A*7-322815853-3116113 Jeff Tomlinson  
20184A*10-23321961-1434255-1197126 Jeff Tomlinson  
20174A*2-89523052-465171 Jeff Tomlinson  
20164A*3-723828861-4111161 Jeff Tomlinson  
20154A*5-62092280-104062-39191 Jeff Tomlinson  
2014I-AA*4-6180220113-5145177 Jeff Tomlinson  
2013I-AA*3-7133325113-5113249 Jeff Tomlinson  
2012I-AA*0-1070411110-641232 Jeff Tomlinson  
2011I-AA*3-7225312111-5119189 Marcus Bragg  
2010I-AA*6-5165219113-381136 Marcus Bragg  
2009I-AA*2-8142211110-673171 Marcus Bragg  
2008I-AAA*0-104836150-726284 Rickey Ray  
2007I-AAA*0-105840850-719301 Rickey Ray  
2006I-AAA*1-98930950-740260 Rickey Ray  
2005I-AAA*2-814423751-690207 Rickey Ray  
2004I-AAA*5-615732653-384180 Rickey Ray  
2003I-AAA*2-817730451-5117220 Rickey Ray  
2002I-AAA*5-617015751-574120 Rickey Ray  
2001I-AAA*2-811722851-587170 Kenneth Cole  
2000I-AAA*2-87923152-465146 Kenneth Cole  
1999I-AAA*5-618530153-393176 Ted Gilcrest  
1998I-AAA*1-913635250-549197 Ted Gilcrest  
1997I-AAA*2-812731450-561211 Bob Beaubien  
1996AAA*5-614730451-445216 Steve Stedman  
1995AAA*4-614521450-567165 Steve Stedman  
1994AAA*0-102037560-56203 Steve Stedman  
1993AAA*3-716529161-470131 Steve Stedman  
1992AA*1-9100299121-361128 Ralph Tipton  
1991AA*4-71942900-11649122-27470 Ralph Tipton  
1990AA*4-6106199122-26187 Ralph Tipton  
1989AA*4-6108169122-26664 Ralph Tipton  
1988AA*8-3221126123-210666 Ralph Tipton  
1987AA*6-5175142123-28075 Phil Horsey  
1986AA*1-984312121-464160 Phil Horsey  
1985AA*0-1051249120-56106 Phil Horsey  
1984AA*5-5129121122-25744 Phil Horsey  
1983AA*5-5185145122-25855 Phil Horsey  
1982AA*7-419014992-39086 Phil Horsey  
1981AA*5-412218092-371133 Phil Horsey  
1980AA*6-411611990-1022 Phil Horsey  
1979AA*2-88718890-1820 Phil Horsey  
1978AA*5-511312890-1034 Phil Horsey  
1977AA*6-422211190-1020 Phil Horsey  
1976AA*3-6901373 Phil Horsey  
1975AA*4-61761833 Phil Horsey  
1974AA*3-71162733 Phil Horsey  
1973AA*4-61302113 Phil Horsey  
1972A*2-8723353 Phil Horsey  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

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