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Cheatham County Yearly Summary

Cheatham County Cubs
Cheatham County High School

One Cub Circle Ashland City, TN
Colors: Cardinal & White
Coach: Gary Halstead

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20213A*0-0006 Gary Halstead  
20203A*0-106238960-527183 Gary Halstead  
20193A*2-811125061-434139 Eric Hatley  
20183A*4-71802820-174762-377114 Eric Hatley  
20173A*7-43301940-131364-1195101 Eric Hatley  
20163A*5-62932770-164263-3161118 Eric Hatley  
20153A*3-81773430-104162-4112181 Eric Hatley  
2014I-AA*0-1013242690-662264 Brian Mintz  
2013I-AA*3-714623892-4105142 Brian Mintz  
2012I-AA*12-15792322-11268811#6-028858 Cody Finley  
2011I-AA*6-53242180-1717114-2223130 Cody Finley  
2010I-AA*4-6276251112-4184193 Cody Finley  
2009I-AA*1-971265111-553156 Cody Finley  
2008I-AAA*5-520222353-4142175 Cody Finley  
2007I-AAA*4-72173450-1283454-3143207 Cody Finley  
2006I-AAA*5-63542910-1354254-3233168 Cody Finley  
2005I-AAA*9-33681601-1232255-2233112 Cody Finley  
2004I-AA*8-43332101-1504255-118877 Cody Finley  
2003I-AA*8-33071930-1243454-2170104 Cody Finley  
2002I-AAA*5-61312610-1214953-377122 Cody Finley  
2001I-AAA*2-814423451-585152 Jeremy Boyd  
2000I-AAAA*0-1011037360-796317 Jeremy Boyd  
1999I-AAAA*3-717419862-5110142 Walt Randolph  
1998I-AAAA*2-816829062-6152229 Walt Randolph  
1997I-AAAA*7-41941720-161765-3157135 Tommy Tharp  
1996AAAA*6-41769853-410791 Terry Arrington  
1995AAAA*9-32731531-1404155-211785 Terry Arrington  
1994AAAA*8-42571681-1553354-213798 Terry Arrington  
1993AAAA*5-617221152-495135 Rick Butler  
1992AAA*6-5179113101-44686 Rick Butler  
1991AAA*7-4153119102-34673 Rick Butler  
1990AAA*0-1030247100-50141 Jimmy Stack  
1989AAA*3-771173101-43289 Jimmy Stack  
1988AA*8-32571170-1743124-115453 Jimmy Stack  
1987AA*6-51871770-1742124-112251 Jimmy Stack  
1986AAA*1-948235100-512122 Fred Clayton  
1985AAA*1-964212100-524119 Fred Clayton  
1984AAA*9-2198112103-24247 Bennie Daniel  
1983AAA*3-7106183102-35594 Bennie Daniel  
1982AAA*4-6131189102-14263 Derek Crass  
1981AAA*7-3244138102-14319 Derek Crass  
1980AAA*3-7175181100-22252 Derek Crass  
1979AAA*0-1050288100-2068 Derek Crass  
1978AAA*0-1084377100-544178 Bennie Daniel  
1977AAA*1-10181409101-465178 Bennie Daniel  
1976AAA*2-8912213 Charlie Daniel  
1975AAA*2-8961533 Charlie Daniel  
1974AAA*1-91073373 Bruce Gibbs  
1973AAA*0-10795193 Bruce Gibbs  
1972*0-1050405 Bruce Gibbs  
1971*3-696235 Jerry Bishop  
1970AA*0-9-1583573 Mike Jarreau  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

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