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Camden Central Yearly Summary

Camden Central Lions
Central High School

115 Schools Drive Camden, TN
Stadium: Tommy Richardson Stadium
Colors: Black, Gold & White
Coach: Matt McConnell

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20212A*0-0007 Matt McConnell  
20203A*2-811529162-36793 Matt McConnell  
20193A*4-72463200-1143463-2156130 William Blow  
20183A*6-53232080-1222964-117248 William Blow  
20173A*2-91523430-104962-3115134 William Blow  
20163A*6-42872010-1305164-219289 William Blow  
20153A*7-53142881-134426#6-0200100 William Blow  
2014I-AA*9-33472381-1514111#7-1251141 William Blow  
2013I-AA*7-53592261-15545115-3253144 William Blow  
2012I-AA*9-33921651-14952115-122765 William Blow  
2011I-AA*8-32781860-171711#6-0203107 William Blow  
2010I-AA*12-14321242-1623111#6-025255 Kevin Ward  
2009I-AA*11-23801832-16266115-120268 Kevin Ward  
2008I-AA*9-23961740-113207#6-024385 Kevin Ward  
2007I-AA*8-43501601-138267#6-023449 Kevin Ward  
2006I-AA*10-24171231-169676#8-033543 Kevin Ward  
2005I-AA*9-43822312-1495567-1315121 Kevin Ward  
2004I-AA*11-23981662-1733264-115078 Kevin Ward  
2003I-AA*6-52622570-1121361-481181 Kevin Ward  
2002I-AA*2-817532061-4108185 David Fisher  
2001I-AA*6-52052310-104062-3111140 David Fisher  
2000I-AA*6-52042610-104762-29282 David Fisher  
1999I-AA*5-61933660-104762-391208 David Fisher  
1998I-AA*0-106443760-414219 David Fisher  
1997I-AA*0-104345060-422224 David Fisher  
1996AA*6-62292761-1444774-3123167 Chuck Adams  
1995AA*4-614425773-4104183 Rick Kriesky  
1994AAA*2-820130671-6140228 James Counce Sr.  
1993AAA*0-106233270-737260 Randy Newsome  
1992AA*3-793252142-566177 Randy Newsome  
1991AA*3-7199248141-6119190 Randy Newsome  
1990AA*7-4157920-1010145-111047 Randy Newsome  
1989AA*3-762269141-530174 Randy Newsome  
1988AA*2-870225142-558139 Randy Newsome  
1987AA*4-6122195143-489140 Barry Barnett  
1986AA*7-42201690-1630124-114873 Barry Barnett  
1985AA*4-6176185123-212067 Barry Barnett  
1984AA*3-7149236141-460118 Barry Barnett  
1983AA*10-1305127144-111660 Barry Barnett  
1982AA*4-6176229122-5123201 Barry Barnett  
1981AA*5-5164232122-598191 Dale Woodard  
1980AA*5-5198223111-458134 Dale Woodard  
1979AA*5-5124121111-43990 John Bukky  
1978AA*6-4201166111-22861 John Bukky  
1977AA*6-4205152111-23859 John Bukky  
1976AA*6-42151104 John Bukky  
1975AA*5-51881464 John Bukky  
1974AA*3-7991944 John Bukky  
1973AA*8-32481734 John Bukky  
1972AA*5-3-11601344 John Bukky  
1971AA*3-71711714 John Bukky  
1970AA*3-6-1821634 Tommy Richardson  
1969AA*7-42491414 Tommy Richardson  
19688-224367 Tommy Richardson  
19676-3198130 Tommy Richardson  
1966*8-227187 Tommy Richardson  
1965*11-029678 Tommy Richardson  
1964*7-325680 Tommy Richardson  
1963*4-692132 Tommy Richardson  
1962*6-4-1183134 Murray Smith  
1961*5-3-1229210 Murray Smith  
1960*3-696241 Murray Smith  
1959*0-8-133165 Wayne Chester  
1958*2-7-1103224 Paul Miller  
19574-3-291113 Paul Miller  
1956*3-5-1106165 Paul Miller  
1955*7-2-2214124 Max Higgason  
1954*1-10105453 Max Higgason  
19533-37471 George Howell  
19522-470137 George Howell  
19510-41471 George Howell  
19504-212385 George Howell  
19490-000 George Howell  
19480-1033 George Howell  
1947      No Team
19460-1018 Clyde Allen  
19410-000 George Howell  
19260-000 P.W. Williams  
19250-2033 P.W. Williams  
19240-1030 P.W. Williams  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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