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Decatur County-Riverside Yearly Summary

Decatur County-Riverside Panthers
Riverside High School

4520 Highway 641 South Decaturville, TN
Stadium: Larry Barrett Stadium
Colors: Blue & Gold
Coach: Johnnie Frost

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20212A*0-0006 Johnnie Frost  
20202A*9-43151672-1382264-116564 Johnnie Frost  
20192A*8-62692233-1836963-212781 Johnnie Frost  
20182A*11-23661802-1576964-120178 Johnnie Frost  
20172A*8-32921920-192364-116185 Johnnie Frost  
20162A*6-63073491-1587953-2120102 Johnnie Frost  
20152A*4-72233660-163453-2110128 Jeff Robertson  
2014I-A*7-53752951-15670153-2137120 Jeff Robertson  
2013I-A*6-53702630-12023153-2182117 Jeff Robertson  
2012I-A*4-6238312152-211191 Joel Goff  
2011I-A*5-72222481-12131153-111660 Joel Goff  
2010I-A*10-23601301-1404015#4-014731 Joel Goff  
2009I-A*9-33611471-14222153-113561 Joel Goff  
2008I-AA*3-712721171-581153 Joel Goff  
2007I-AA*4-612421072-453141 Joel Goff  
2006I-AA*2-85722162-650181 Joel Goff  
2005I-AA*7-43142160-1143566-2254140 Joel Goff  
2004I-AA*2-812321661-453106 Joel Goff  
2003I-AA*4-613223061-450151 Joel Goff  
2002I-AA*7-52152041-1214163-210472 Jeff Robertson  
2001I-AA*5-62162510-1131963-2137112 Jeff Robertson  
2000I-AA*7-44112220-1294463-2171102 Jeff Robertson  
1999I-AA*9-23161590-1142664-115283 Robert Brown  
1998I-AAA*4-72022770-1223563-2106106 Robert Brown  
1997I-AAA*2-89625361-463132 Robert Brown  
1996AA*0-96132060-540176 Steve Boggan  
1995AA*1-88626861-472142 Steve Boggan  
1994AA*5-614215974-48992 Steve Boggan  
1993AA*3-79626472-678237 Steve Boggan  
1992AA*4-6109179142-576156 Steve Boggan  
1991AA*2-8135178141-675132 Steve Boggan  
1990AA*3-7150227142-587143 Steve Boggan  
1989AA*4-6133109144-312761 Steve Boggan  
1988AA*5-512288142-55376 Floyd Powers  
1987AA*2-854215141-634163 Floyd Powers  
1986AA*3-7111151140-52980 Floyd Powers  
1985AA*7-416695142-36654 Floyd Powers  
1984AA*3-780179142-34588 Floyd Powers  
1983AA*3-768146140-52284 Jerry Hayes  
1982A*4-6113181131-23561 Jerry Hayes  
1981A*6-61921661-1154013#3-08618 Jerry Hayes  
1980AA*2-8120262121-563161 Allen Wilson  
1979AA*2-858194121-43186 Allen Wilson  
1978AA*5-5167164121-33475 Floyd Powers  
1977AA*3-7106219121-333103 Floyd Powers  
1976AA*6-41891694 Floyd Powers  
1975AA*4-61441814 Floyd Powers  
1974AA2-81252594 Donald Dickson  
1973AA0-10381374 Donald Dickson  
1972A*7-32161654 Donald Dickson  
1971A*3-6-11601804 Weldon Pratt  
1970A*9-22881164 Weldon Pratt  
1969A*6-41871604 Weldon Pratt  
1968*2-8114315 Weldon Pratt  
1967*4-5183218 Weldon Pratt  
19664-4196171 Floyd Powers  
19652-574138 Floyd Powers  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

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