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Anderson County Yearly Summary

Anderson County Mavericks
Anderson County High School

 Clinton, TN
Stadium: Maverick Stadium
Colors: Navy & Silver
Coach: Davey Gillum

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20214A*0-0002 Davey Gillum  
20204A*9-34931221-173362#6-028120 Davey Gillum  
20194A*10-24541921-148382#6-027170 Davey Gillum  
20184A*12-15902112-1129632#6-026972 Davey Gillum  
20174A*12-16751872-1134962#6-032841 Davey Gillum  
20164A*3-729939721-4134202 Davey Gillum  
20154A*3-726035421-4126175 Davey Gillum  
2014I-AAA*8-34042520-1244137-1328161 Davey Gillum  
2013I-AAA*11-25343032-1105873#7-1312152 Davey Gillum  
2012I-AAA*5-63702950-1284735-3284145 Davey Gillum  
2011I-AAA*5-628034835-4232280 Davey Gillum  
2010I-AAA*10-34822782-17210536-2299137 Davey Gillum  
2009I-AAA*9-44202902-11169236-2242145 Davey Gillum  
2008I-AAA*8-43202031-1353825-2205103 Larry Kerr  
2007I-AAA*8-43272541-1545724-3169169 Larry Kerr  
2006I-AAA*4-613519122-469147 Larry Kerr  
2005I-AAA*6-421017523-399111 Larry Kerr  
2004I-AAA*5-523218223-4156136 Larry Kerr  
2003I-AAA*9-33031441-1523825-215994 Larry Kerr  
2002I-AAA*10-23431471-1482126-120787 Larry Kerr  
2001I-AAA*11-24202012-1101632#7-023681 Larry Kerr  
2000I-AAAA*5-62132300-1205534-3120123 Larry Kerr  
1999I-AAAA*3-79716732-576132 Larry Kerr  
1998I-AAAA*5-512218633-453127 Larry Kerr  
1997I-AAAA*4-71481210-1242734-311778 Larry Kerr  
1996AAAA*11-33601553-1944426-222290 Larry Kerr  
1995AAAA*9-32871241-1412326-219376 Larry Kerr  
1994AAAA*8-53082812-1658833-3151145 Larry Kerr  
1993AAAA*4-610519932-445141 Larry Kerr  
1992AA*5-61761960-161423-17342 Mike Harmening  
1991AA*6-51661541-1274924-18440 Mike Harmening  
1990AAA*2-78326631-553206 Mike Harmening  
1989AAA*2-85419431-514141 Mike Harmening  
1988AAA*4-619417933-3118109 Mike Harmening  
1987AAA*4-615020033-390108 Mike Harmening  
1986AA*5-61851570-164444-210436 Mike Harmening  
1985AA*8-32261120-10124#6-015822 Mike Harmening  
1984AA*3-710717042-35378 Mike Harmening  
1983AA*8-322813543-29867 Barry Gibson  
1982AA*8-41971271-114204#2-16427 Barry Gibson  

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