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McMinn Central Yearly Summary

McMinn Central Chargers
McMinn Central High School

145 County Road 461 Englewood, TN
Colors: Columbia Blue & White
Coach: Matt Moody

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20213A*0-0003 Matt Moody  
20203A*3-710727231-439184 Derrick Davis  
20193A*3-714635030-558203 Derrick Davis  
20183A*1-910039530-552205 Josh Goodin  
20173A*0-108737830-546221 Josh Goodin  
20163A*4-72103780-1194822-3106168 Josh Goodin  
20153A*2-820636021-4105179 Josh Goodin  
2014I-AA*10-33432542-1806953-111274 Josh Goodin  
2013I-AA*4-618227152-28075 Josh Goodin  
2012I-AA*5-62692790-1182852-29892 Josh Goodin  
2011I-AA*1-915733351-388143 Josh Goodin  
2010I-AA*0-105736750-431114 Josh Goodin  
2009I-AA*7-42942170-1223253-111364 Josh Goodin  
2008I-AAA*9-23721340-1142837-127680 Brandon Derrick  
2007I-AAA*9-22971820-110133#8-0239125 Brandon Derrick  
2006I-AAA*3-715228132-6119242 Brandon Derrick  
2005I-AAA*4-617027032-6124249 Dan Williams  
2004I-AAA*5-62022320-103432-210498 Dan Williams  
2003I-AAA*1-97333730-414157 Dan Williams  
2002I-AAA*1-10804320-105631-330109 Dan Williams  
2001I-AAA*0-108743430-442122 Dan Williams  
2000I-AAA*3-81132680-173932-24580 Mike Newton  
1999I-AAA*3-81632690-1103532-27797 Mike Newton  
1998I-AAA*7-42401180-113203#5-115657 Mike Newton  
1997I-AAA*3-81842630-164132-4110117 Mike Newton  
1996AAA*5-62572390-1212642-399109 Mike Newton  
1995AAA*8-64162773-11377043-216295 Mike Newton  
1994AAA5-61862400-1172042-357107 Mike Newton  
1993AAA*10-52852454-1696443-27193 Marty Wild  
1992AA1-912026351-453117 Marty Wild  
1991AA*4-620423153-211174 Mark Stone  
1990AA10-23551851-161475#5-014437 Mark Stone  
1989AA9-3286441-14285#5-015619 Mark Stone  
1988AA*5-521115253-29957 Mark Stone  
1987AA*4-69921053-27983 Mark Stone  
1986AA*4-615415652-37077 Mark Stone  
1985AA*4-615621552-388121 Mark Stone  
1984AA0-108427450-672188 Dean Ratledge  
1983AA*1-99725151-577167 Dean Ratledge  
1982AA*1-96024651-546179 Dean Ratledge  
1981AA*3-79318952-466129 Eddie Rich  
1980AA*4-616618063-19224 Eddie Rich  
1979AA*6-52262110-119416#4-014330 Eddie Rich  
1978AA*7-324116064-113855 Eddie Rich  
1977AA*8-3236860-10216#4-110628 Eddie Rich  
1976AA*4-61181342 Eddie Rich  
1975AA*6-42571792 Eddie Rich  
1974AA*9-22461360-114402 Eddie Rich  
1973AA*7-41931010-112142 Eddie Rich  
1972AA*7-32111162 Bill Cameron  
1971AA8-32301042 Bill Cameron  
1970AA*1-9802362 Bill Cameron  
1969AA*4-61192192 Bill Cameron  
19680-9-128223 Harlan Daugherty  
19676-4142168 Harlan Daugherty  
1966*5-4210178 Harlan Daugherty  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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