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Jackson North Side Yearly Summary

Jackson North Side Indians
North Side High School

3066 N. Highland Jackson, TN
Stadium: T.D. Reynolds Stadium
Colors: Blue & Gold
Coach: Jesse Powell

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20214A*0-0007 Jesse Powell  
20204A*6-33032350-1213563-2180163 Jesse Powell  
20194A*6-53322320-1142163-2165100 Jesse Powell  
20184A*8-53723122-1112736#5-016170 Jesse Powell  
20174A*1-99235961-445136 Donnie Nickey  
20164A*7-32951980-104976-2278149 Donnie Nickey  
20154A*9-33421631-151367#7-1244107 Tab Vowell  
2014I-AA*10-23091881-12042154-111975 Tab Vowell  
2013I-AA*9-33042541-14666153-2127122 Tab Vowell  
2012I-AAA*13-14782493-116212913#4-014263 Tab Vowell  
2011I-AAA*2-8202354130-449151 Tab Vowell  
2010I-AAA*12-14402472-1738813#4-016359 Tab Vowell  
2009I-AAA*7-42061820-11354132-28251 Tab Vowell  
2008I-AAAA*2-810424172-467134 Pat Massey  
2007I-AAAA*5-62312640-103273-3151134 Pat Massey  
2006I-AAAA*4-616225671-486144 Pat Massey  
2005I-AAAA*2-816829271-486147 Pat Massey  
2004I-AAAA*1-97336070-542208 Pat Massey  
2003I-AAAA*6-417111472-35186 Pat Massey  
2002I-AAAA*4-71072040-102673-17135 Joe Davis  
2001I-AAAA*8-32331530-1101473-18836 Joe Davis  
2000I-AAAA*9-33412411-134557#5-120197 Joe Davis  
1999I-AAAA*6-52481820-1355275-113634 Jim Hardegree  
1998I-AAAA*8-43271841-143357#6-020882 Jim Hardegree  
1997I-AAAA*7-43131640-192274-2194108 Jim Hardegree  
1996AAAA*1-911623661-476139 Jim Hardegree  
1995AAAA*0-106220760-539108 Michael Martin  
1994AAAAA*1-96927171-624185 Bud Sikes  
1993AAAAA*4-617722972-5128184 Bud Sikes  
1992AAA*7-42611750-12142136-120584 Bud Sikes  
1991AAA*7-3203149134-3129108 Bud Sikes  
1990AAA*7-42291810-1621135-2159105 Bud Sikes  
1989AAA*6-52581970-13046136-1209100 Bud Sikes  
1988AAA*6-5187136133-310478 Bud Sikes  
1987AAA*3-7118201133-392100 Bud Sikes  
1986AAA*7-419390134-110149 Bud Sikes  
1985AAA*5-6179155132-37871 Bud Sikes  
1984AAA*4-6135148132-589114 ONeal Henley  
1983AAA*10-124475137-115668 ONeal Henley  
1982AA*7-3254120125-219969 ONeal Henley  
1981AA*4-6174185124-313388 Johnny Williams  
1980AA*6-4141115124-111129 Johnny Williams  
1979AA*7-42151770-184912#4-111641 Johnny Williams  
1978AA*6-4159121122-26938 Johnny Williams  
1977AA*8-32221120-101312#4-013434 Johnny Williams  
1976AA*6-42241954 Johnny Williams  
1975AA*9-22581054 Johnny Williams  
1974AA*8-32471774 Johnny Williams  
1973AA4-61552284 Johnny Williams  
1972AA*9-2-1219781-114284# Johnny Williams  
1971AA*5-51241284 Johnny Williams  
1970AA*4-61352144 Johnny Williams  
1969AA*2-71002084 Carl Long  
1968*3-675145 Carl Long  
1967*5-4202129 Carl Long  
1966*3-6102196 Burrus Nichols  
1965*8-231394 Burrus Nichols  
1964*7-2199146 Burrus Nichols  
1963*10-121460 Burrus Nichols  
1962*5-4160153 Thurman Reynolds  
1961*5-3165116 Thurman Reynolds  
1960*5-417997 Thurman Reynolds  
1959*8-1-221291 Thurman Reynolds  
1958*6-414395 Thurman Reynolds  
1957*3-5128155 Thurman Reynolds  
1956*3-685176 Thurman Reynolds  
1955*4-5-1141172 Thurman Reynolds  
1954*9-325987 Thurman Reynolds  
1953*7-2-121898 Thurman Reynolds  
1952*6-3-1265150 Thurman Reynolds  
1951*6-1-114525 Thurman Reynolds  
1950*4-5169174 Thurman Reynolds  
19493-28059 Thurman Reynolds  
19481-11919 Thurman Reynolds  
19470-000 Thurman Reynolds  

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