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Franklin County Yearly Summary

Franklin County Rebels
Franklin County High School

833 Bypass Road Winchester, TN
Colors: Blue & Gray
Coach: Justin Cunningham

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20215A*0-0006 Justin Cunningham  
20205A*2-818129651-483165 Justin Cunningham  
20195A*4-625332050-589184 Mac McCurry  
20185A*5-524322952-4133137 Mac McCurry  
20175A*5-528631352-4173215 Mac McCurry  
20165A*3-715531852-5109221 Scott Smith  
20155A*3-717136152-595226 Scott Smith  
2014I-AAA*3-722235082-4158212 Jim Carr  
2013I-AAA*5-525223084-2158113 Jim Carr  
2012I-AAA*5-528226582-3124157 Jim Carr  
2011I-AAA*3-727735681-4135164 Jim Carr  
2010I-AAA*5-62542810-104881-473167 Jim Carr  
2009I-AAA*4-72332320-1112181-4126136 Lee Atkins  
2008I-AAAAA*3-81292460-103033-28771 Lee Atkins  
2007I-AAAAA*2-820624531-4133134 Steve Britton  
2006I-AAAAA*3-713224332-35879 Steve Britton  
2005I-AAAAA*4-71662730-1145432-38290 Greg Mantooth  
2004I-AAAAA*6-51891940-104132-398100 Greg Mantooth  
2003I-AAAAA*7-52632371-1235834-113497 Greg Mantooth  
2002I-AAAAA*5-62032440-164233-212089 Greg Mantooth  
2001I-AAAAA*4-72042650-1212834-19365 Greg Mantooth  
2000I-AAAAA*0-1012233950-786260 Robert Brown  
1999I-AAAAA*3-718628252-5126210 Harold Roberts  
1998I-AAAAA*5-73173581-1486243-3173159 Harold Roberts  
1997I-AAAAA*2-818233441-595190 Harold Roberts  
1996AAAAA*7-42631820-102857-2239127 Harold Roberts  
1995AAAAA*7-42822140-1182056-3243181 Harold Roberts  
1994AAAAA*6-52591790-1142155-3209144 Harold Roberts  
1993AAAAA*3-714823653-5124170 Harold Roberts  
1992AAA*8-31981740-104585-114786 Harold Roberts  
1991AAA*10-33031542-1616385-118947 Harold Roberts  
1990AAA*7-52531801-1283484-114573 Harold Roberts  
1989AAA*8-33011540-118288#5-016462 Harold Roberts  
1988AAA*8-32931250-1131486-118267 Harold Roberts  
1987AAA*5-523118983-4137136 Harold Roberts  
1986AAA*5-51048982-44269 Harold Roberts  
1985AAA*11-1290991-142278#6-016544 Harold Roberts  
1984AAA*8-322813785-215096 Harold Roberts  
1983AAA*7-422217285-216296 Harold Roberts  
1982AAA*10-12559885-111839 Harold Roberts  
1981AAA*11-12651081-135308#6-011639 Harold Roberts  
1980AAA*8-3245900-114228#6-016948 Harold Roberts  
1979AAA*6-426011085-120565 Harold Roberts  
1978AAA*5-512318184-29482 Walter Bouldin  
1977AAA*6-418416484-211761 Walter Bouldin  
1976AAA*7-42671562 Walter Bouldin  
1975AAA*3-7781502 Walter Bouldin  
1974AAA*2-8791502 Walter Bouldin  
1973AAA*3-7691352 Walter Bouldin  
1972AAA*9-2181650-17122 Walter Bouldin  
1971AAA*5-51311192 Walter Bouldin  
1970AAA*8-32021042 Walter Bouldin  
1969AAA*10-1335980-126272# Walter Bouldin  
1968*9-1-131248 Walter Bouldin  
1967*8-2-128792 Walter Bouldin  
1966*7-320595 Walter Bouldin  
1965*0-1045263 Walter Bouldin  
1964*1-975203 Harry Newberry  
1963*1-947242 Harry Newberry  
1962*5-3-2252158 Jim Lane  
1961*8-2-120778 Jim Lane  
1960*8-2-1221116 Jim Lane  
1959*6-3-215093 Jim Lane  
1958*5-4-1139107 Jim Lane  
1957*6-319590 Jack Deere  
1956*11-034132 Jack Deere  
1955*4-6119181 Jack Deere  
1954*3-6138188 Bob Furst  
1953*6-5228136 Bob Furst  
1952*4-5-1144166 Bob Furst  
1951*5-411157 William Henley  
1950*6-314279 William Henley  
1949*5-2-317271 William Henley  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

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