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Chester County Yearly Summary

Chester County Eagles
Chester Co

552 East Main Henderson, TN
Stadium: Eagle Stadium
Colors: Royal Blue & White
Coach: Steve Robinson

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20214A*0-0006 Steve Robinson  
20204A*2-823939361-4104201 Steve Robinson  
20194A*0-108538760-518176 Steve Robinson  
20184A*2-81733060-1124761-477128 Steve Robinson  
20174A*4-71982860-1263662-374104 Michael Hodum  
20164A*2-823825072-6188201 Michael Hodum  
20154A*5-524521974-4190181 Michael Hodum  
2014I-AA*8-32811350-171414#5-015350 Michael Hodum  
2013I-AA*4-72893210-11447144-1165107 Michael Hodum  
2012I-AA*5-62802460-11024144-3202135 Michael Hodum  
2011I-AA*10-34241892-19662145-2250101 Michael Hodum  
2010I-AA*5-62522460-1712145-2215163 Jeff Cupples  
2009I-AA*5-62592710-12045145-2206149 Jeff Cupples  
2008I-AAA*6-53533130-1144862-3144157 Jeff Cupples  
2007I-AAA*1-916239960-572219 Jeff Cupples  
2006I-AAA*0-105831960-632179 Jeff Cupples  
2005I-AAA*5-61761890-1124862-4102109 Jeff Cupples  
2004I-AA*4-617522861-468148 Jeff Cupples  
2003I-AA*9-33142031-1355563-210499 Jeff Cupples  
2002I-AA*3-716229261-486159 Jeff Cupples  
2001I-AA*3-710532161-447184 Ricky Catlett  
2000I-AAA*1-913837260-539189 Ricky Catlett  
1999I-AAA*3-78824660-521169 Ricky Catlett  
1998I-AAA*4-71892970-1143362-39391 Ricky Catlett  
1997I-AAA*3-82113810-1132862-396136 Scott Ballard  
1996AAA*0-1017941670-7131300 Glen Campbell  
1995AAA*1-915725971-696177 Glen Campbell  
1994AAA*6-52342460-1144874-3180135 Glen Campbell  
1993AAA*6-51811540-1121775-213490 Glen Campbell  
1992AA*5-5196136142-594118 Glen Campbell  
1991AA*7-4236180144-3142133 Mickey Mays  
1990AA*2-8170345141-6130265 Mickey Mays  
1989AA*0-1059320140-745242 Tommy Moffitt  
1988AA*1-996333141-649241 Tommy Moffitt  
1987AA*1-990232140-752216 John Hooper  
1986AA*2-891302141-439156 John Hooper  
1985AA*5-5156131142-34274 John Hooper  
1984AA*7-4197138143-28849 John Hooper  
1983AA*7-4178154143-26372 John Hooper  
1982AA*0-10107308120-778240 Floyd Powers  
1981AA*4-6157260122-5102206 Floyd Powers  
1980AA*1-9107314121-479137 Floyd Powers  
1979AA*4-681177122-35056 Floyd Powers  
1978AA*4-6162192121-35283 Terry Giltner  
1977AA*4-697190121-32681 Terry Giltner  
1976AA*0-101053924 Terry Giltner  
1975AA*2-8831774 Tommy Moffitt  
1974AA2-8362834 Tommy Moffitt  
1973AA1-6902134 Melvin Pratt  
1972*9-2274135 Melvin Pratt  
1971*6-4196205 Melvin Pratt  
1970AA*9-23741274 Melvin Pratt  
1969AA*5-52543024 Melvin Pratt  
1968*4-6184200 Melvin Pratt  
1967*4-6158262 Melvin Pratt  
1966*5-4254173 Jim Poteete  
1965*7-4272198 Jim Poteete  
1964*2-8150246 Jim Poteete  
1963*7-3227127 Jim Poteete  
1962*7-224251 Jim Poteete  
1961*2-892219 Jim Poteete  
1960*2-6-263248 Jim Poteete  
1959*3-894263 William Barrett  
1958*7-2-1190172 Melvin Pratt  
1957*3-6146166 Melvin Pratt  
1956*6-5188156 Melvin Pratt  
1955*6-3201110 Jack Brown  
19545-3-116880 Jack Brown  
1953*5-5152134 Jack Brown  
1952*10-1373111 Jack Brown  
19513-3-215185 Jack Brown  
1950*8-2268111 Jack Brown  
19490-000 Jack Brown  
1948      No Team
1947      No Team
1946      No Team
1945      No Team
1944      No Team
1943      No Team
1942      No Team
19410-2-11372 James Williams  
19400-412104 James Williams  
19390-30147 Lamar Newport  
19380-4996 Lamar Newport  
19370-3083 Chester Parham  
19360-32081 Chester Parham  
19350-1718 Chester Parham  
19340-1012 Dick Stewart  
19330-1038 Dick Stewart  
19320-000 Dick Stewart  
19310-1732 Dick Stewart  
19302-0240 Dick Stewart  
19290-000 Joe Norville  
19280-1046 Joe Norville  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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