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Saint Aloysius Yearly Summary

Saint Aloysius Flashes
Saint Aloysius High School

19 Grove Street Vicksburg, MS
Stadium: Balzli Field
Colors: Purple & Gold
Coach: Bubba Nettles

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
2022MAIS-4A0-0003 Bubba Nettles  
2021MAIS-4A*2-818033331-357111 Bubba Nettles  
2020MAIS-5A*3-81623060-1286231-26174 Stacy Sizemore  
2019MAIS-5A*5-62202640-1104132-27566 Michael Fields  
2018MAIS-AAA*6-52912470-174834-120160 Michael Fields  
2017MAIS-AAA*3-724227533-2174112 Michael Fields  
2016MAIS-AAA*3-82973630-1477733-113180 B.J. Smithhart  
2015MAIS-AAA*5-73133801-163563#4-017384 B.J. Smithhart  
20141A*13-25932903-1133752#8-0363152 B.J. Smithhart  
20131A*9-53973172-1618026-2296192 B.J. Smithhart  
20121A*3-813029343-6120216 B.J. Smithhart  
20111A*2-913331542-7119257 B.J. Smithhart  
20101A*5-613720743-489165 B.J. Smithhart  
20091A*6-521417043-4126123 B.J. Smithhart  
20081A*7-424326346-4219246 B.J. Smithhart  
20071A*4-717733644-6170303 Jim Taylor  
20061A*8-43002740-1284237-2239186 Jim Taylor  
20051A*4-721722534-5184140 Jim Taylor  
20041A*3-819236643-6178299 Jim Taylor  
20031A*6-528327345-4263241 Jim Taylor  
20021A*9-33101200-101447-225598 Jim Taylor  
20011A*6-518216144-5147151 Jim Taylor  
20001A*3-716619961-358104 Jim Taylor  
19991A*7-328617262-29579 Jim Taylor  
19981A*6-324019861-28272 Jim Taylor  
19971A*5-521021961-270105 Bubba Booth  
19961A*8-52851941-1213663-111545 Bubba Booth  
19951A*8-43191500-171063-113042 Bubba Booth  
19941A*6-52602020-102861-14642 Bubba Booth  
19931A*8-33852390-126306#3-011067 Bubba Booth  
19921A*6-514019461-12160 Bubba Booth  
19911A*5-517716762-29454 Bubba Booth  
19901A*1-98920730-33974 Bubba Booth  
19891A*1-98426831-21478 Bubba Booth  
19881A*2-86233330-30146 Bubba Booth  
19871A*9-33461821-139393#2-111556 Joe Edwards  
19861A*6-42431436 N3-114653 Joe Edwards  
19851A*6-61631530-114316 W#2-14026 Joe Edwards  
19841A*5-51951526 W1-24233 Joe Edwards  
1983B*6-4182936 W2-1638 Joe Edwards  
1982B*10-1350546 W3-114831 Joe Edwards  
1981B*11-23001112-158486#7-020720 Joe Edwards  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*7-5196146 Joe Edwards  
1979*7-416271 Joe Edwards  
1978*9-224856Capital*4-0766 Joe Edwards  
1977*11-143182Capital*4-019433 Les Bumgarner  
1976*7-3-120974Capital4-1-111920 Les Bumgarner  
1975*9-0-226851Capital6-0-216225 Les Bumgarner  
1974*10-131123Capital6-120923 Tommy Autry  
1973*9-130834Capital*7-025228 Glenn Rhoads  
1972*8-228170Capital*7-022418 Glenn Rhoads  
1971*8-3257132Capital*6-119165 Glenn Rhoads  
1970*7-4199175Ind Glenn Rhoads  
1969*2-7153187 Don Alonzo  
1968*3-5-173155 Elmo Broussard  
1967*4-2-313261Ind Elmo Broussard  
1966*3-5-1132113 Elmo Broussard  
1965*7-214772 Elmo Broussard  
1964*3-56860 Andy Bourgeois  
1963*5-2-111091Ind Andy Bourgeois  
1962*7-2-124261Ind Andy Bourgeois  
1961*5-3-114384 Andy Bourgeois  
1960*5-4157142Ind Joe Balzli  
1959*4-4119135 Joe Balzli  
1958*8-025472 Joe Balzli  
1957*7-0-121332 Joe Balzli  
1956*6-222566 Joe Balzli  
1955*8-027139 Joe Balzli  
1954*5-312690 Joe Balzli  
1953*6-219592 Joe Balzli  
1952*5-1-114073 Joe Balzli  
1951*4-3-1122128 Joe Balzli  
1950*6-317877 Joe Balzli  
1949*4-5126134 Joe Balzli  
1948*3-5134162 Joe Balzli  
1947*8-119549 Joe Balzli  
1946*7-118326 Joe Balzli  
1945*4-578158 Regis/Alvin  
1944*5-410093 Philip/Alvin  
1943*4-210645 Philip  
1942*6-212057 Roderick  
1941*1-685138 Joe Balzli  
1940*5-311078 Joe Balzli  
1939*10-019626 Joe Balzli  
1938*9-026212 Joe Balzli  
1937*5-3135145 Joe Balzli  
1936*2-4-15165 Remigius  
1935*2-410273 Harold  
19345-216240 Harold  
19332-2-25856 Harold  
1932*1-67178 Jack Roberts  
1931*1-739193 Gorman Schaffer/Ted Setaro  
19304-33269 Walton Shannon  
1929*3-4-14854 Jack Roberts  
1928*4-2-29533 Walton Shannon  
1927*4-2-115384 Ted Rogers  
1926*2-458104 Ted Rogers  
1925*2-2-1825 Mike Morrissey  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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