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East Webster Wolverines

 Butch Inmon 
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 Team   Season  Class   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA 
Shaw2009 1A6-42801960-1203325-2186132
Shaw2008 1A6-52562570-175926-3242167
Shaw2007 1A1-910230821-894270
Shaw2006 2A7-52402271-1285734-214081
 4 Years20-238789881-355149-
Brooks2005 1A14-05962174-0160912#10-0436126
Brooks2004 1A7-42901900-1124826-3246136
Brooks2003 1A9-35301841-1684827-2414130
 3 Years30-714165915-22401870-000
Saint Joseph Greenville
Saint Joseph Greenville2001 1A4-721928924-5197252
Saint Joseph Greenville2000 1A7-427128625-4217266
Saint Joseph Greenville1999 1A4-718829623-6143269
Saint Joseph Greenville1998 2A1-910934240-430163
Saint Joseph Greenville1997 2A2-814224141-34780
Saint Joseph Greenville1996 2A6-52001550-1122243-110647
Saint Joseph Greenville1995 2A5-519118041-36997
Saint Joseph Greenville1994 2A6-518623141-25486
Saint Joseph Greenville1993 2A7-52852271-142614#3-010524
Saint Joseph Greenville1992 2A9-23301460-127284#4-012128
Saint Joseph Greenville1991 2A8-33752220-136434#4-014349
Saint Joseph Greenville1990 2A11-13771801-129573#7-023677
Saint Joseph Greenville1989 2A9-23621420-171636-122970
Saint Joseph Greenville1988 Ind10-13271090
Saint Joseph Greenville1987 Ind9-23021730
Saint Joseph Greenville1986 2A3-71132473 S0-22454
Saint Joseph Greenville1985 Ind5-41621860
Saint Joseph Greenville1984 Ind7-2183900
 18 Years113-79432237422-61532270-000
Weston1983 AA0-91042583 N0-445110
 1 Year0-91042580-0000-000
Leland1979 9-1-118998
Leland1978 6-320490
Leland1977 6-3-116889
Leland1976 9-222591
Leland1975 8-231993
 5 Years38-11-211054610-0000-000
 31 Years201-129-2782560408-11448563-

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