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2020 Region Standings 

Class 6A

Region 1    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Oxford(8-0)(6-0)defeated Hernando 37-27 
Tupelo(6-3)(5-1)defeated Horn Lake 34-13 
Hernando(5-4)(4-2)lost to Oxford 37-27 
Horn Lake(4-4)(4-2)lost to Tupelo 34-13 
Southaven(4-4)(3-3)defeated DeSoto Central 9-7 
Olive Branch(5-4)(2-4)defeated Lewisburg 28-14 
DeSoto Central(2-7)(0-6)lost to Southaven 9-7 
Lewisburg(2-7)(0-6)lost to Olive Branch 28-14 

Region 2    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Clinton(6-2)(5-1)defeated Greenville 49-0 
South Panola(7-2)(4-2)defeated Murrah 1-0 
Starkville(7-1)(3-1)plays Warren Central 
Warren Central(7-1)(3-1)plays Starkville 
Madison Central(6-3)(3-2)defeated Germantown 38-6 
Germantown(5-5)(2-5)lost to Madison Central 38-6 
Greenville(0-6)(0-0)lost to Clinton 49-0 
Murrah(0-6)(0-6)lost to South Panola 1-0 

Region 3    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Oak Grove(8-0)(6-0)defeated Pearl 47-7 
Northwest Rankin(7-2)(5-1)lost to Brandon 42-21 
Petal(5-4)(3-3)defeated George County 1-0 
Brandon(4-5)(3-3)defeated Northwest Rankin 42-21 
Pearl(3-6)(3-3)lost to Oak Grove 47-7 
Meridian(2-7)(2-4)defeated Terry 15-7 
Terry(2-7)(1-5)lost to Meridian 15-7 
George County(1-7)(1-5)lost to Petal 1-0 

Region 4    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
DIberville(7-0)(5-0)plays Harrison Central 
Ocean Springs(8-1)(5-1)defeated Gulfport 17-10 
Harrison Central(6-1)(4-1)plays DIberville 
Biloxi(4-3)(2-3)plays Hancock 
Hancock(3-5)(2-3)plays Biloxi 
West Harrison(3-6)(2-4)defeated Saint Martin 55-0 
Saint Martin(2-6)(2-4)lost to West Harrison 55-0 
Gulfport(1-8)(0-6)lost to Ocean Springs 17-10