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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Washington County Yearly Summary

Washington County Bulldogs
Washington County High School

P.O. Box 1329 Chatom, AL 36518
Stadium: Jordan Wilcox Stadium
Colors: Maroon & Gold
Coach: Ed Brown
Region: 2A-R1
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20212A*0-48163R10-2089 Ed Brown  
20202A*2-832238R11-515144 Ed Brown  
20192A*2-8158405R11-6102287 Devin Roberts  
20182A*4-6188324R13-4149225 Devin Roberts  
20172A*3-6190271R12-4119178 Devin Roberts  
20162A*6-44063220-14212R15-1282211 Al Earnest  
20152A*10-34311972-110141R1#7-026495 Al Earnest  
20142A*13-1638953-117642R1#7-032334 Chris Wilson  
20132A*13-26042254-117991R16-1294108 Chris Wilson  
20122A*13-24812094-116480R16-122291 Chris Wilson  
20113A*8-53781802-18268R13-4220105 Chris Wilson  
20103A*9-33642171-16563R1#6-1216113 Chris Wilson  
20092A*10-33682222-110443R16-1180109 Joe Nettles  
20082A*6-63023351-14235R14-3207201 Joe Nettles  
20073A*7-43332490-11240R15-2227140 Joe Nettles  
20063A*9-23981670-11628R16-125493 David Wofford  
20052A*6-52672630-1634R14-3172170 David Wofford  
20042A*6-4287209R13-4177177 David Wofford  
20032A*10-24061641-15432R16-122675 David Wofford  
20022A*11-23601742-15332R16-1203128 David Wofford  
20013A*8-43442321-14734R13-2148117 David Wofford  
20003A*11-34592563-110286R14-114975 David Wofford  
19993A*1-8154249R20-22554 David Wofford  
19983A*5-52491530-11819R21-14122 David Wofford  
19973A*6-4227201R10-22172 David Wofford  
19963A*6-51981770-1636R11-13239 Stacy Luker  
19952A*4-6147179R11-34565 Stacy Luker  
19942A*4-71082020-11857R13-17052 Charles Branum  
19933A*5-5114183R10-31293 Chris Shaw  
19923A*3-7131235R10-30116 Chris Shaw  
19914A*1-973259R10-426142 Jack Hankins Sr.  
19904A*4-6122189R11-345107 Wayne Blackwell  
19893A*8-31721570-1043R11-11328 Wayne Blackwell  
19883A*5-61322810-1026R11-13542 Wayne Blackwell  
19873A*8-4142961-11320R12-12143 Wayne Blackwell  
19863A*6-4107102R10-3060 Wayne Blackwell  
19853A*5-5125145R12-14250 Wayne Blackwell  
19843A*2-880277R10-3081 Larry Moulton  
19832A*1-962280R10-429126 Larry Massey  
19822A*2-761140R10-41491 Larry Massey  
19812A*4-5-1156156R12-36979 Charles Branum  
19802A*8-2292173R14-115575 Ed Boggs  
19792A*1-982247R11-450127 Ed Boggs  
19782A*2-7-180208R12-348101 Ed Boggs  
19773A*5-4-1198167R13-4152155 Ed Boggs  
19763A*2-876199R11-656152 Ed Boggs  
19752A*7-315763R14-17832 Ed Boggs  
19742A*9-22571141-16752R1#0-11314 Ed Boggs  
19732A*9-12001090-1035 Ed Boggs  
19722A*6-3-140279 Jimmy Warr  
19712A*10-24531111-14550 Ed Boggs  
19702A*6-4295142 Ed Boggs  
19692A*9-032666 Ed Boggs  
19682A*9-025459 Ed Boggs  
19672A*8-2280144 Ed Boggs  
19662A*6-4301141 Ed Boggs  
19652A*3-4-1106128 Ed Boggs  
19642A*8-020412 Ed Boggs  
19632A*3-7112129 Ed Boggs  
1962*2-8127143 Ben Glover  
1961*2-6-226132 Charles Leverette  
1960*4-6103149 Charles Leverette  
1959*3-798211 Charles Leverette  
1958*2-7-192241 Charles Leverette  
1957*2-738270 James Allen  
1956*7-2-114990 Henry Gresham  
1955*7-2-118664 Henry Gresham  
1954*10-032140 Henry Gresham  
1953*5-415193 George Gresham  
1952*7-3192110 George Gresham  
1951*6-1-215836 George Gresham  
1950*8-216344 Roy Knapp  
1949*6-3-113465 Roy Knapp  
1948*7-1-213518 Roy Knapp  
1947*3-73885 Rosier Davis  
1946*6-312590 Rosier Davis  
1945*5-219048 Eugene Billings  
1944*3-4-156116 Louis Ferguson/C.E. Arnold  
1943*3-2-16144 Guy Reed  
1942*5-39879 Robert Reed  
19416-211570 Robert Reed  
19402-3-139112 Clay Knight  
1939      No Team
1938      No Team
1937      No Team
1936      No Team
1935      No Team
19321-31326 Boykin  
1928      No Team
19273-1-27125 Avant  
19261-45464 Ben Causey  
1925      No Team

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Parrish scored a record 77 points in a playoff game against Cedar Bluff in 2001. The Tornados were shutout the following week 19-0 by Courtland.