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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Choctaw County Yearly Summary

Choctaw County Tigers
Choctaw County High School

210 Rogers Ave. Butler, AL 36904
Stadium: Tiger Stadium
Colors: Black & Gold
Coach: Kendrick Office
Region: 1A-R2
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20211A*2-681240R20-526189 Kendrick Office  
20201A*0-909R20-606 Gary Banks  
20192A*2-8136332R11-678239 Gary Banks  
20182A*0-1077411R10-771283 Charles Chaney  
20172A*1-883394R10-651243 Charles Chaney  
20162A*0-974345R10-668224 Charles Chaney  
20152A*4-6194268R12-5108198 Charles Chaney  
20142A*0-1051342R10-719268 Charles Chaney  
20132A*3-7160252R11-6109215 Rico McCann  
20122A*3-7194316R11-6113245 Eberne Myrthil  
20112A*4-6152342R11-693255 Eberne Myrthil  
20102A*1-9123447R11-693311 Marcus Ezell  
20093A*4-6169260R13-4123169 Marcus Ezell  
20083A*3-7146327R12-5112223 Marcus Ezell  
20073A*1-972350R11-653217 Marcus Ezell  
20063A*1-9143381R11-6127264 Marcus Ezell  
20054A*2-8148397R10-786309 Reginald Ruffin  
20044A*2-8160284R11-6105216 Reginald Ruffin  
20034A*5-62012070-11214R14-3147150 Charles Graves  
20024A*1-862208R11-547153 Charles Graves  
20014A*5-51802580-11234R44-2128163 Reginald Ruffin  
20004A*5-52041890-11314R4#5-116597 Reginald Ruffin  
19994A*10-23151751-12745R21-12527 Ted Washington  
19984A*2-8136349R20-23486 Ted Washington  
19975A*0-935274R30-32083 Ted Washington  
19965A*3-7168231R31-23137 Greg Harvey  
19955A*3-7143180R31-22632 Greg Harvey  
19945A*7-32301261-13238R32-17735 Jim Archibald  
19935A*11-32771123-15333R3#3-0760 Jim Archibald  
19925A*7-32121690-11227R32-15754 Jim Archibald  
19915A*6-4196132R20-22035 Jim Archibald  
19905A*11-23391192-19256R2#2-0379 Jim Archibald  
19895A*3-6145172R21-35371 Jim Archibald  
19885A*3-6151113R20-42757 Jim Archibald  
19875A*7-51721451-11330R12-14232 Jim Archibald  
19865A*6-5166980-1633R12-13533 Jim Archibald  
19855A*4-5155106R11-22938 Arthur Vinson  
19845A*8-2328101R11-25743 Vernon Johnson  
19833A*6-418593R55-213657 Vernon Johnson  
19823A*5-5145165R55-213092 Vernon Johnson  
19813A*6-4138148R55-210488 Vernon Johnson  
19803A*7-42291120-1033R5#6-120237 Horace Crenshaw  
19793A*7-226866R56-122151 Horace Crenshaw  
19783A*5-5186110R54-315855 Horace Crenshaw  
19773A*6-3147106R55-111461 Leandrew Woods  
19763A*4-5100111R53-48289 Horace Crenshaw  
19753A*4-6135149R52-39269 Horace Crenshaw  
19743A*3-686264R4 Hugh Craig  
19733A*2-576177 Roger Shoultz  
19723A*9-1-12651050-11229 Roger Shoultz  
19713A*3-6-1166179 Roger Shoultz  
19703A*5-3169124 Roger Shoultz  
19693A*2-770177 John Lee  
19683A*3-6-1108171 Dave Barr Tutt  
19673A*4-5-1135131 C.M. Buddy Cranford  
19663A*7-2-123881 C.M. Buddy Cranford  
19653A*4-5-1125114 C.M. Buddy Cranford  
19643A*2-883212 Ralph Hutchinson  
19633A*4-693159 Ralph Hutchinson  
19627-215342 Ralph Hutchinson  
1961*10-027531 Ralph Hutchinson  
1960*5-3-215958 Ralph Hutchinson  
1959*4-6147163 Ralph Hutchinson  
1958*6-4159123 Ralph Hutchinson  
1957*9-125852 Ralph Hutchinson  
1956*5-4-1166149 Ralph Hutchinson  
1955*4-5-1125127 Ralph Hutchinson  
1954*8-218289 Ralph Hutchinson  
1953*7-318272 Ed Boggs  
1952*8-2200105 Roy Knapp  
1951*8-1-115661 Roy Knapp  
1950*4-5-1139135 Hewlett Leatherwood  
1949*2-7-183153 Hewlett Leatherwood  
1948*5-562144 Hewlett Leatherwood  
19470-57125 Eugene Billings  
19461-5-15894 Eugene Billings  
19423-1-15925 A.C. Britt  
1941*7-1-216230 N.L. Garrett  
19402-24344 N.L. Garrett  
19396-02040 N.L. Garrett  
1938*7-013112 N.L. Garrett  
1937*4-2-17113 N.L. Garrett  
19362-3-14969 H.J. Bodiford/Benjamin Borum  
19352-647183 H.J. Bodiford  
1934*3-5-15299 James E. Harris  
19333-4-14571 James E. Harris  
19322-3-11834 James E. Harris  
19316-1-18921 Lee Cathey  
1930*6-2-118432 Lincoln Hall  
1929*8-0-12396 Lincoln Hall  
19287-2-127464 James E. Harris  
1927*6-2-113060 James E. Harris  
1926*2-6-148174 Lewis  
1925*2-3-13768 Lewis  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Collinsville completed the 1931 season with a record of 1-4-5. The five ties will forever be a state record since all games are now decided by overtime.