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Perry Central Yearly Summary

Perry Central Bulldogs
Central High School

Hwy 98 West New Augusta, MS
Colors: Cardinal & Gold
Coach: Craig Cluff

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20223A0-0008 Craig Cluff  
20213A*3-618320281-4108127 Craig Cluff  
20202A*3-597920-16783-1581 Wesley McLain  
20192A*6-62502281-1525483-19745 Wesley McLain  
20182A*3-81722980-105081-35873 Wesley McLain  
20172A*10-23661161-1682483-113342 Chip Bilderback  
20163A*6-63162630-174082-311391 Chip Bilderback  
20153A*5-628925781-4107147 Todd Lowery  
20143A*5-73183690-104882-3140153 Todd Lowery  
20133A*6-62642930-1283482-3100129 Todd Lowery  
20123A*2-815834182-4113213 Todd Lowery  
20113A*3-820636182-4154207 Tim Barron  
20103A*2-915025181-462115 Tim Barron  
20093A*12-14772251-156288#5-021092 Tim Barron  
20083A*7-43071460-1184585-119054 Brian Ford  
20073A*8-42952071-1366084-213276 Brian Ford  
20062A*7-43091300-171484-218375 Brian Ford  
20052A*10-33241903-1545884-216198 Perry Wheat  
20042A*9-23331610-1223685-117987 Perry Wheat  
20032A*7-52871841-1422483-3150126 Perry Wheat  
20022A*2-814537481-589249 Warren West  
20012A*6-41941670-102784-216177 Wayne Carr  
20002A*10-32942231-1306485-113479 Wayne Carr  
19992A*4-720525781-5102178 Wayne Carr  
19983A*1-912234080-566165 Wayne Carr  
19973A*1-915238580-594225 Wayne Carr  
19963A*4-610717981-451106 Wayne Carr  
19953A*5-513611582-37156 Wayne Carr  
19943A*0-105023180-638122 David Hopper  
19933A*1-105322781-546134 David Hopper  
19923A*9-22267384-213746 David Hopper  
19913A*3-713915082-410190 David Hopper  
19903A*4-6101196151-448138 David Hopper  
19893A*2-7-1115196151-460108 David Touchstone  
19883A*1-9100313150-430111 David Touchstone  
19873A*2-8104229150-425126 Jack Linton  
19863A*3-7671538 N0-41686 Jack Linton  
19853A*4-61071588 N1-335103 Jack Linton  
19843A*6-41521318 N3-15450 Richard Fleming  
1983A*2-6-1661058 N0-41253 Rush McKay  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

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