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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Escambia County Yearly Summary

Escambia County Blue Devils
Escambia County High School

1215 S. Presley St. Atmore, AL 36502
Stadium: Hubert Barnes Field
Colors: Blue & White
Coach: Scott Mason
Region: 4A-R1
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20204A*2-863198R11-528100 Scott Mason  
20194A*5-5173172R13-4108132 Scott Mason  
20184A*6-4230125R14-316097 Rico Jackson  
20174A*2-8120281R11-578192 Rico Jackson  
20164A*2-8130386R10-644267 Royce Young  
20155A*1-9102326R11-542193 Royce Young  
20145A*1-9104392R10-630235 Royce Young  
20134A*2-8207390R11-6126272 Lev Holly  
20124A*3-7165280R13-4119184 Lev Holly  
20114A*5-5201228R13-4119163 Mark Heaton  
20104A*9-43372352-15462R14-3185115 Mark Heaton  
20095A*3-7161261R12-5122200 Kyle Davis  
20085A*3-7164241R11-691185 Kyle Davis  
20074A*7-42412620-11431R16-1181127 Kyle Davis  
20064A*0-112382860-1634R10-7163155 Kyle Davis  
20054A*3-6198269R12-5157227 Kyle Davis  
20044A*3-81493600-1036R13-4130193 Mardye McDole  
20035A*3-7188307R22-5115205 Mardye McDole  
20025A*1-9153406R21-699275 Franklin Bell  
20015A*1-9138336R11-692211 Franklin Bell  
20005A*1-881254R11-667191 Franklin Bell  
19995A*6-52552360-12829R21-12848 Franklin Bell  
19985A*3-7184261R20-25173 Bryant Smith  
19975A*2-8127269R21-24886 Bryant Smith  
19965A*0-1067433R20-319158 Melvin Middleton  
19955A*2-8772000-1039R21-12823 Melvin Middleton  
19945A*4-72192201-14537R21-16243 Melvin Middleton  
19935A*10-32921662-14232R2#2-06122 Melvin Middleton  
19925A*5-52191470-1027R21-15024 Melvin Middleton  
19915A*5-61871480-11013R3#3-09428 Melvin Middleton  
19905A*3-81842060-1032R32-16422 Melvin Middleton  
19895A*4-7971490-11428R22-21733 Melvin Middleton  
19885A*7-41881580-1914R23-15244 Melvin Middleton  
19875A*3-790135R21-23034 Melvin Middleton  
19865A*2-857174R21-22059 Melvin Middleton  
19855A*10-32971642-17026R2#2-05824 Melvin Middleton  
19845A*10-2322571-1288R2#2-07313 Melvin Middleton  
19833A*13-2346764-08214R2#4-111213 Melvin Buck Powell  
19823A*6-4196111R24-110635 Melvin Buck Powell  
19814A*7-317588R24-311174 Melvin Buck Powell  
19804A*6-416768R24-311154 Melvin Buck Powell  
19794A*5-5155134R23-483108 Melvin Buck Powell  
19784A*6-4213204R24-3132148 Melvin Buck Powell  
19773A*9-32571371-12825R2#6-014251 Melvin Buck Powell  
19763A*4-6111115R24-28749 Melvin Buck Powell  
19753A*7-4-12431521-13316R2#4-011951 Glen Latham  
19743A*11-32561834-05930R2#3-17943 Glen Latham  
19733A*4-6150239 Eugene Madison  
19724A*2-6-2105205 Eugene Madison  
19714A*1-9101296 Eugene Madison  
19703A*2-7-179217 Harry Hitchcock  
19693A*1-960252 Harry Hitchcock  
19683A*5-5140116 C.P. Floyd  
19673A*4-5-193128 C.P. Floyd  
19663A*9-0-118019 C.P. Floyd  
19653A*5-4-1101116 Gene Lewis  
19643A*2-7-165170 Gene Lewis  
19633A*4-663128 C.P. Floyd  
1962*5-4-1106128 J.T. Elmore  
1961*6-4144124 Arvel Holmes  
1960*3-6-163103 Arvel Holmes  
1959*6-3-111097 Arvel Holmes  
1958*5-4-115391 Arvel Holmes  
1957*9-0-125932 Arvel Holmes  
1956*8-226197 Arvel Holmes  
1955*6-2-2210109 Arvel Holmes  
1954*6-2-218047 Arvel Holmes  
1953*8-0-227362 Arvel Holmes  
1952*8-2248149 Arvel Holmes  
1951*3-770154 Gordon Golson  
1950*10-028058 Bill Golson  
1949*9-132826 E.H. Penny  
1948*8-1-121821 E.H. Penny  
1947*10-045439 Herbert Barnes  
1946*9-0-125934 Herbert Barnes  
1945*9-018237 Herbert Barnes  
1944*7-1-117141 Herbert Barnes  
1943*5-214333 Dick Jones  
1942*7-120319 Dick Jones  
1941*5-4102113 Hugo Yancey  
1940*8-127366 Andy Edington  
1939*4-3-2148107 Andy Edington  
1938*6-314279 R.M. Jones  
1937*7-29542 R.M. Jones  
1936*8-114550 C.A. Pruitt  
1935*5-2-119542 C.A. Pruitt  
1934*8-02226 C.A. Pruitt  
1933*7-2-127937 C.A. Pruitt  
19327-117045 C.A. Pruitt  
1931*7-1-112626 C.A. Pruitt  
19303-3-17558 C.A. Pruitt  
1929*8-227052 C.A. Pruitt  
1928*6-5313113 C.A. Pruitt  
1927*7-320446 Bill Golson  
19262-610384 H.D. Melton  
1925*4-5-1149145 O.D. Williams  
19232-2-269101 T.R. Snead  
19213-22248 DeYampert  
19202-484145 Grimsley  
1918      No Team

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

In 1970 Monroe Academy won the first championship in the A.I.S.A. by defeating Lowndes Academy 6-0.