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We encourage you to join us. was founded for a single purpose. To document the history of High School Football in Mississippi. Accomplishing this goal will take years and the efforts of many people. The thought of this project is mind boggling if you think about it. There have been around 150,000 High School football games played in the state since 1900. To find a score for every game is a gigantic task to say the least. Only through the efforts of individuals from every corner of the state can we begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

     There are no dues or fees to be paid to become a member. There is no initiation or entrance exam. There is only one step. Be willing to contribute your valuable time and unselfish efforts toward the goal. Anyone may apply for membership simply by completing this
APPLICATION FORM. (.pdf form) You can email the form to

    Although, I must warn you in advance. This will become addictive. The more you do, the more you want to do until it consumes every spare minute of your day. You wake up thinking about it and you go to sleep dreaming about it. If this sounds like you, then welcome aboard. Otherwise, we welcome those who can control their obsessive compulsive disorders and are willing to help us out even a little.

     Below are members of who have assisted us in researching schools, teams, coaches, scores and anything else related to high school football in the state of Mississippi:

AHSFHS Mississippi Members

* John S. Watson - Flowood MS
* John Reaves - Valparaiso FL
* Dacey Ferguson - Louisville MS

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