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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Who Will Win the Class 6A Championship in 2010

Since Governor Riley determined that gambling in the state of Alabama was illegal we will call this 'for entertainment purposes only'. But, if you wish recoup some of your past gambling losses then take Hoover, Prattville and Daphne against the field. You should get pretty good odds right? Three teams against the other sixty-one? Well, not so fast. You may find it very difficult to find a bookie willing to take that bet.

Since 1999 only two other teams have even managed to make it to the finals. Spain Park in 2007 and Jeff Davis in 2002. Every other title game involved some combination of these three teams. Is it just a coincidence that the "Big Three" have come to dominate the football world of 6A? Let us explore the factors and myths that created such a disparity between the 6A schools.

Myth #1 - Size matters. If that were the case Bob Jones, Sparkman, Murphy, Grissom, Baker, Enterprise, Lee Montgomery and Jeff Davis would be fighting for championships annually. In reality these school perform about or below average on the gridiron.

Myth #2 - Coaching wins championships. Each of the Big Three made coaching changes during the past decade and yet continued to win.

Myth #3 - The schools have better facilities and more money. While this may be the case with Hoover, Daphne and Prattville have facilities comparable with other 6A programs.

Myth #4 - They all reside within a stones throw of the three largest cities in Alabama. Now we are getting somewhere. This may be the main reason these programs have been so successful. Think about the prospect of a family where the  parents live in Mobile and know their son is going to be a pretty athlete. They can continue to work in Mobile but have a choice of which school to have their children attend. They can live in Baldwin County and be fifteen minutes to work. Why not? The same can be said of Prattville and Hoover. The inner city schools are perceived to have a lesser education foundation so more parents are looking to the suburban schools for answers.

Myth #5 - Most 6A schools have no chance to win a championship. There is no myth here. The majority of 6A schools must learn to accept the fact that they will be content to make the playoffs and in a good year reach the semi-finals.

Myth #6 - This trend will continue forever. Well nothing lasts forever. Over the next decade I believe there will be another school or two jump up to command some respect. Who will it be? I do not know for any certainty but it will be a school from near on of the larger cities.

Myth #7 - Class 6A is flawed and needs to be changed. To what? It is probably the best setup available for the time being. Talk of super classes and realignment are not really feasible so we will just have to live with things the way they are.

Myth #8 - I know what I am talking about. Now that is truly the greatest myth of all.

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