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Tuesday, July 26, 2010

Most Wins in a Decade

In the 1960s, Sidney Lanier won 82 games setting the standard prior to the beginning of the playoff system. The following decade saw Monroe Academy become the first team to win over 100 games when they finished with a 102-18-3 record while playing in what is now known as the AISA. Andalusia finished the decade with a 98-11-6 record to pace the AHSAA schools. Hazlewood would dominate the 1980s by winning 113 games. As mentioned, T.R. Miller set the current standard in the 1990s by going 117-19.

The Hoover Bucs blew past T.R. Miller to set a new standard in a decade they dominated with 130 wins and 16 losses. Along the way Hoover managed to capture six State Championships. Who will be the top winners for the upcoming decade? The more things change the more they remain the same. I think you can look for the usual suspects to be at the top of the heap come 2019.

To view other teams records over the past few decades you can visit us here. Won/lost records.

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