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Bill Plott  

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        Bill Plott mailed me a couple of notebooks recently to further add to our research of high school football teams across the state. The first book contained the schools from Blount, Cullman and Walker Counties.

        It has always been a goal of mine to complete every team back through the 1950 season. With the new research from Mr. Plott we can check off another nine teams on our list from these three counties. Carbon Hill, Cold Springs, Fairview, Holly Pond, Cullman, Oakman, Oneonta, West Point and Vinemont were all completed from 1950-2014.

        All the other teams were nearly completed with only a few missing games during this time frame.

        A total of twenty-five teams were included and all were nearly completed back to when they first fielded a football team. These include:

Locust Fork
T.W. Martin
J.B. Pennington
St. Bernard
Susan Moore

        Our sincere appreciation goes out to Bill and his sharing with us his research of past years. I know how much effort went into this over so many years and will always be grateful to him for the time he spent in front of a microfilm machine and thumbing through old newspapers.

        We do maintain an obscure page of our progress on the teams from 1950-2015 which shows where we are with every team that played football during this time. It can be found at the link below or from the frontpage of the website in the right column under "Our Progress". Check it out to see if you can be of assistance in helping us complete every team back to 1950.

        We currently have completed 336 of the 613 team we are tracking during this time. According to the latest count there have been about 128,000 games played since 1950 and we are still missing scores for about 2,800 games. That sounds like a lot of missing scores but look at it this way. We are 97.9% complete. Not bad.

        Check it out at


David Parker

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