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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Woodland Yearly Summary

Woodland Bobcats
Woodland High School

P.O. Box 157 Woodland, AL 36280
Stadium: Sewell Field
Colors: Orange & Navy
Coach: Blair Armstrong
Region: 1A-R5
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20201A*8-42901731-14632R54-217066 Blair Armstrong  
20192A*1-9151372R61-5116243 Blair Armstrong  
20182A*2-8168408R61-5128263 Jeremy Stanford  
20172A*3-7142314R52-5121205 Jeremy Stanford  
20162A*1-9122399R50-768276 Randy Boyd  
20152A*2-8196283R51-5120212 Randy Boyd  
20142A*9-42972112-14237R53-3132128 Randy Boyd  
20132A*6-53542870-12941R64-3245141 Larry Strain  
20122A*10-34332992-16466R6#6-1285150 Larry Strain  
20112A*8-53943932-16882R55-2232210 Larry Strain  
20102A*9-33832101-14141R55-2240115 Larry Strain  
20092A*6-51971860-1026R55-215089 Larry Strain  
20082A*6-62242531-13441R55-2151123 Larry Strain  
20072A*8-42722111-12747R6#6-120485 Larry Strain  
20062A*12-33681574-112249R66-118275 Larry Strain  
20052A*6-62102061-13834R54-3122119 Larry Strain  
20042A*11-44152414-113078R55-2192118 Larry Strain  
20032A*2-8154310R52-5104177 Larry Strain  
20022A*5-62312020-11314R54-311994 Larry Strain  
20011A*5-62382250-1613R52-3120131 Larry Strain  
20001A*1-958320R51-546240 Larry Strain  
19992A*5-5230255R90-37125 Larry Strain  
19982A*7-3283187R90-314117 Ronnie Prince  
19972A*11-23801422-16150R92-15861 Ronnie Prince  
19962A*6-4276208R91-27879 Ronnie Prince  
19952A*2-8129295R70-318115 Ronnie Prince  
19942A*3-7118224R70-31487 Ronnie Prince  
19932A*4-6121134R110-42990 Ronnie Prince  
19922A*3-7151215R110-436111 Ronnie Prince  
19912A*4-6124193R111-22381 Ronnie Prince  
19902A*4-6106151R110-3670 Max Yarborough  
19892A*3-657190R131-3781 Max Yarborough  
19882A*8-218685R132-26339 Max Yarborough  
19872A*6-41991350-1835R102-18535 Max Yarborough  
19862A*13-1455954-114475R10#3-0946 Max Yarborough  
19852A*11-33241433-110273R11#1-22621 Max Yarborough  
19842A*5-5160201R111-23267 Max Yarborough  
19831A*9-32821221-12020R9#3-010326 Max Yarborough  
19821A*7-42561590-1628R9#3-010020 Max Yarborough  
19812A*1-966254R60-413131 Max Yarborough  
19802A*1-950329R60-418166 Max Yarborough  
19792A*2-889193R60-627155 Mark George  
19782A*1-939282R60-66208 Mark George  
19771A*3-7130245R93-29786 Tommy Herron  
19761A*6-52041860-12228R9#4-09842 Tommy Herron  
19751A*6-4124156R92-27885 Tommy Herron  
19741A*2-880194R9 Tommy Herron  
19731A*2-7-188189 Fred Lovvorn  
19721A*8-2216111 Fred Lovvorn  
19711A*3-6-1125217 Fred Lovvorn  
19701A*5-5176122 Fred Lovvorn  
19691A*4-5151124 Fred Lovvorn  
19681A*11-13221541-15381 Fred Lovvorn  
19671A*9-0-132365 Wayne Chase  
19661A*3-7211232 Wayne Chase  
19651A*0-1037365 Wayne Chase  
19641A*8-218254 Wayne Chase  
19631A*10-032032 Don Murphy  
1962*7-318382 Don Murphy  
1961*6-414482 Don Murphy  
1960*8-220458 Don Murphy  
1959*6-415589 Don Murphy  
1958*2-8101267 Don Murphy  
1957*0-925279 Don Murphy  
1956*4-5142172 Ray Horne  
1955*4-684170 Ray Horne  
1954*5-5168175 William Ed Diggs  
1953*1-764219 William Ed Diggs  
1952*0-6-214123 Ray Horne  
19510-6-143131 Denson Simpson  
1950*4-3-2135148 Denson Simpson  
1949*3-5-1103150 Denson Simpson  
1948*5-2-217458 Denson Simpson  
19473-25069 Denson Simpson  
1946      No Team
1945      No Team
1944      No Team
1943      No Team
1942      No Team
1941*4-2-211162 Dalton Guthrey  
1940*3-5-152133 Dalton Guthrey  
1939*1-7-125143 Dalton Guthrey  
1938*2-720219 J.B. McClendon  
19374-2-12533 Grady Mixon  
19362-559103 F.W. Spence  
19351-753195 F.W. Spence  
1934*5-212160 F.W. Spence  
19332-51865 F.W. Spence  
19313-310366 Long  
1929*4-311458 M.V. White  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Ken Stabler, Bart Starr, Ozzie Newsome, John Stallworth, John Hannah and Buck Buchanan are all members of the NFL Hall of Fame and played high school football in Alabama.