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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

West Blocton Yearly Summary

West Blocton Tigers
West Blocton High School

4734 Truman Aldridge Pkwy. West Blocton, AL 35184
Stadium: Tiger Field
Colors: Red & White
Coach: Eric Hiott
Region: 4A-R3
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20204A0-000R3 Eric Hiott  
20194A*5-63713440-11450R34-2257178 Eric Hiott  
20184A*4-72312920-1843R33-3166161 Eric Hiott  
20174A*6-52613160-11362R44-3155186 Eric Hiott  
20164A*6-53223110-1749R44-3187142 Eric Hiott  
20154A*5-62373290-1048R43-3136148 Gregg Farnetti  
20144A*10-24122681-12744R4#6-0254125 Gregg Farnetti  
20134A*2-8194316R41-6102237 Gregg Farnetti  
20124A*2-8181351R41-6109251 Gregg Farnetti  
20114A*7-43483330-1655R45-2236232 Gregg Farnetti  
20104A*5-62533760-12149R44-3151227 Gregg Farnetti  
20093A*7-42802080-11228R45-216697 Gregg Farnetti  
20083A*4-6261342R42-5180266 Gregg Farnetti  
20073A*5-5270284R43-4172209 Gregg Farnetti  
20063A*2-8233312R40-7141269 Gregg Farnetti  
20053A*7-43432610-11435R34-3212165 Gregg Farnetti  
20043A*6-52803160-11948R34-3184207 Gregg Farnetti  
20033A*4-6193303R42-5120213 David Elmore  
20023A*2-8184344R41-6109255 David Elmore  
20013A*1-995351R41-670278 David Elmore  
20003A*3-7157233R42-5118170 David Elmore  
19993A*3-7125306R71-229107 David Elmore  
19983A*3-7188278R70-342103 David Elmore  
19973A*0-1073392R50-321118 Tracy Dunn  
19963A*0-1091412R50-330112 Sam Hicks  
19953A*0-1064270R70-31578 Sam Hicks  
19943A*6-52112220-11453R72-17433 Hassell Marlin  
19933A*7-42751800-1022R6#3-06825 Hassell Marlin  
19923A*12-14321532-19460R6#3-010519 Chris Yeager  
19913A*8-33271280-1020R52-18224 Chris Yeager  
19903A*6-41501620-1027R52-13346 Jamie Griffin  
19893A*7-42101020-11417R73-18823 David Elmore  
19883A*8-41591061-12626R74-06714 David Elmore  
19873A*10-22831151-14241R7#2-0280 David Elmore  
19863A*7-51821751-12724R7#2-02814 David Elmore  
19853A*4-6163189R51-25974 David Elmore  
19843A*3-7118153R51-22676 Ronnie Propst  
19832A*7-4177183R93-18634 Ronnie Propst  
19822A*3-771180R91-32780 Ronnie Propst  
19812A*2-8107233R92-25179 Donald Jones  
19802A*3-7166204R92-27368 Donald Jones  
19792A*2-7-1108185R91-35168 Jack Hicks  
19782A*2-7-1111149R90-42046 Jack Hicks  
19772A*7-3205170R75-112891 Jack Hicks  
19762A*6-4155144R74-211887 Jack Hicks  
19752A*3-7146136R73-311365 Jack Hicks  
19742A*3-6-1107121R7 Jack Hicks  
19732A*1-8101234 Jack Hicks  
19722A*4-6130141 Norman Sutton  
19712A*8-213374 Norman Sutton  
19702A*3-754139 Norman Sutton  
19692A*6-4104138 Morris Moody  
19682A*7-3192125 Morris Moody  
19672A*8-1-124374 John Pratt  
19662A*5-4140112 Robert Smith  
19652A*5-5113106 Robert Smith  
19642A*3-5-2124169 Robert Smith  
19632A*4-5-1171129 Bill Morgan  
1962*4-5-19187 Bill Morgan  
1961*2-7-150189 Bill Morgan  
1960*6-3-115395 Jack Smalley  
1959*6-4176128 Jack Smalley  
1958*4-4-2145133 Gene West  
1957*4-4-2138114 Morris Higginbotham  
1956*10-037067 Morris Higginbotham  
1955*10-027963 Morris Higginbotham  
1954*8-217375 Morris Higginbotham  
1953*10-023951 Morris Higginbotham  
1952*7-326090 Charles Sweeney  
1951*7-319486 Charles Sweeney  
1950*2-5-3122146 Charles Sweeney  
1949*3-6-196153 Charles Sweeney  
1948*7-2-116545 Charles Sweeney  
1947*10-028444 Oscar Zeanah  
1946*6-2-115348 Oscar Zeanah  
1945*5-2-29263 Oscar Zeanah  
1944      No Team
1943      No Team
1942*4-480109 Oscar Zeanah  
19415-215761 Hack Wilson  
19401-5-16795 John Bludworth  
19391-3-44352 Herbert Eubanks  
19382-633149 Herbert Eubanks  
1937*6-2-117269 Herbert Eubanks  
1936*1-828129 Herbert Eubanks  
1935*3-663114 R.D. Red Bryan  
1934*6-4130102 Herman Sanford  
1933*6-39768 Herman Sanford  
1932*8-0-126813 J.G. Burrows  
1931*8-1-221937 J.G. Burrows  
1930*6-2-211446 J.G. Burrows  
1929*3-46952 J.G. Burrows  
1928*2-4-288108 E.J. Sullivan  
1927*1-5-234196 Pelham Merrill  
1926*6-211830 Pelham Merrill  
1925*1-2-13239 Emmett Durrett  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

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