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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Southern Choctaw Yearly Summary

Southern Choctaw Indians
Southern Choctaw High School

10941 Hwy. 17 Gilbertown, AL 36908
Stadium: The Reservation
Colors: Red, White & Black
Coach: Jeremy Noland
Region: 1A-R2
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20201A*0-909R20-606 Jeremy Noland  
20192A*4-6195241R13-4138167 Jeremy Noland  
20182A*7-43021290-1014R15-224480 Jeremy Noland  
20172A*4-62172850-1627R13-3156156 Jeremy Noland  
20162A*10-23742102-18882R1#5-119999 Jeremy Noland  
20152A*2-8167320R11-689218 Jeremy Noland  
20142A*3-7201284R13-4126178 Jeremy Noland  
20132A*5-5220293R13-4169230 Jeremy Noland  
20122A*7-42822180-1027R14-3181151 Jeremy Noland  
20112A*8-32891340-12829R15-2170105 Jeremy Noland  
20102A*9-34192141-15753R15-2237145 Jeremy Noland  
20092A*4-6172205R12-4105127 Jeremy Noland  
20082A*2-8175296R11-6121237 Charles Chaney  
20072A*5-5199211R13-4129172 Andrew Varner6/Charles Chaney  
20062A*7-42791680-1020R15-2189100 Larry Boykin  
20052A*14-15002014-111898R1#7-027571 Larry Boykin  
20042A*10-32901532-15135R16-117985 Larry Boykin  
20032A*8-32111501-13940R1#6-114875 Larry Boykin  
20022A*14-0404715-011326R1#7-025137 Larry Boykin  
20012A*7-42781010-11521R15-117839 Larry Boykin  
20002A*10-23811221-14136R15-123652 Larry Boykin  
19992A*13-24561525-019540R1#2-05820 Larry Boykin  
19982A*15-04361015-013036R1#2-0796 Larry Boykin  
19973A*5-62031610-11319R11-15224 Larry Boykin  
19963A*3-7126198R10-23656 Larry Boykin  
19953A*1-927296R10-2073 Larry Boykin  
19943A*6-51911671-13927R1#2-04527 Larry Boykin  
19933A*12-15141252-112538R1#3-010113 Randy Boggs  
19923A*10-2337542-17213R1#3-0797 Randy Boggs  
19913A*3-71091660-1630R12-15419 Randy Boggs  
19903A*1-886191R10-32255 Randy Boggs  
19893A*7-52952021-13566R21-14224 Randy Boggs  
19883A*9-32881472-14662R21-11435 Randy Boggs  
19873A*3-665140R10-3658 Jerry McBride  
19863A*8-32231422-17959R1#2-15438 Raymond Smith  
19853A*11-33041643-16958R2#2-0736 Raymond Smith  
19843A*7-62852682-14775R2#2-09214 Raymond Smith  
19832A*6-3152102R13-16848 Raymond Smith  
19822A*4-4-18858R11-32024 Randy Boggs  
19812A*10-1170761-13330R1#5-07426 Randy Boggs  
19802A*13-12861243-18576R1#5-012736 Randy Boggs  
19792A*8-42011422-14151R1#4-111142 Randy Boggs  
19782A*8-214939R13-27331 Randy Boggs  
19772A*5-494100R12-34374 Randy Boggs  
19762A*4-5126195R11-34060 Randy Boggs  
19752A*6-2-223074R12-19123 Jimmy Allday  
19742A*6-4189114R1 Jimmy Allday  
19732A*8-2248102 Jimmy Allday  
19722A*5-4-1143134 Jimmy Allday  
19712A*6-4200169 Jimmy Allday  
19702A*3-29667 Chuck Brown  
19692A10-030551 Chuck Brown  
19682A*7-2-1319100 Chuck Brown  
19672A*7-322586 Chuck Brown  
19662A*4-6186236 Curtis Burrell  
19652A*3-7106222 Ken Pouncey  
19642A*4-5123157 L.C. Steedley  
19632A*6-410983 L.C. Steedley  
19621-841151 L.C. Steedley  
1961*3-5-1110130 Clay Boyd  
1960*5-4-1129126 Clay Boyd  
1959*3-796116 Pete Stanley  
1958*3-7109195 Pete Stanley  
1957*5-5109114 Pete Stanley  
1956*4-4-2156140 Charles Hataway  
1955*8-1-115963 James Garner  
1954*4-5-166116 George McCall  
19532-6-189233 George McCall  
19524-6162182 James Christopher  
1951*7-2-115926 James Christopher  
19500-712134 Thomas Glass  
1949*1-8-119264 Thomas Glass  
19482-759208 Lee Singley  
19471-32675 Lee Singley  
19460-612128 Lee Singley  
19415-0-113045 Sikes  
19394-417659 Clay Boyd  
19381-5-17884 Clay Boyd  
1937*7-0-131950 Clay Boyd  
19362-1-47645 Clay Boyd  
1935*6-324256 Clatis Green  
1934*6-1-122731 Clatis Green  
19334-57577 Clatis Green  
19325-0-111812 E.J. Sullivan  
19312-2-12520 E.J. Sullivan  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Foley outscored their opponents 433-6 in 1961. The Lions were named state champions by the Alabama Sports Writers Association that season.