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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Shelby County Yearly Summary

Shelby County Wildcats
Shelby County High School

101 Washington St. Columbiana, AL 35051
Stadium: Wildcats Stadium
Colors: Cardinal & White
Coach: Heath Childers
Region: 5A-R3
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20205A*6-42252300-1746R33-3143122 Heath Childers  
20195A*3-7315350R32-4170210 Heath Childers  
20185A*3-7256313R31-5168225 Heath Childers  
20175A*3-7210332R51-6114281 Heath Childers  
20165A*5-5298329R52-5182260 Heath Childers  
20155A*3-7334307R32-4195221 Heath Childers  
20145A*3-7178271R32-494153 Heath Childers  
20135A*1-9155401R41-6100258 Brent Smith  
20125A*1-9111423R41-693289 Brent Smith  
20115A*4-6222303R53-4176252 Ryan Herring  
20105A*2-8200336R52-5148225 Ryan Herring  
20095A*9-23761350-12026R45-121188 Ryan Herring  
20085A*11-14061771-15559R4#6-023178 Ryan Herring  
20075A*6-4245179R34-3185133 Ryan Herring  
20065A*8-42991791-14128R35-2210109 Ryan Herring  
20055A*6-52202960-1634R33-4141223 Bruce Breland  
20045A*7-42431650-11517R34-3139128 Bruce Breland  
20034A*9-32631681-13841R5#7-015259 Geoff Walters  
20024A*8-31971410-11431R5#6-113049 Geoff Walters  
20015A*3-798236R43-474196 Geoff Walters  
20005A*3-7164268R42-5107201 Geoff Walters  
19995A*7-62372322-13742R82-17254 Geoff Walters  
19985A*3-7140285R81-25287 Tom Genard  
19975A*3-7133342R80-340118 Tom Genard  
19965A*0-1089364R80-338127 Tom Genard  
19955A*1-961249R81-23971 Tom Genard  
19945A*1-9101277R81-24789 Alan Lee  
19935A*1-990302R81-24393 Scott Blackmon  
19925A*1-9107342R80-324127 Scott Blackmon  
19915A*3-782238R80-37102 Scott Blackmon  
19905A*6-4175130R80-32069 Terry Jones  
19894A*4-6152172R61-23842 Terry Jones  
19884A*2-8171234R61-26754 Richard Winter  
19874A*7-42111460-1838R6#3-09216 Randle Cassady  
19864A*6-51511350-1028R62-13832 Randle Cassady  
19854A*5-5159142R90-32043 Randle Cassady  
19844A*12-12601002-15252R9#3-0627 Ricky Seale  
19833A*5-6172216R82-467133 Ricky Seale  
19823A*1-976214R80-634150 Ricky Seale  
19813A*4-696191R81-543144 Larry Moulton  
19803A*2-898281R80-646189 Mark Bradley  
19793A*3-7124193R82-483113 Mark Bradley  
19783A*2-8109183R81-585129 Mark Bradley  
19773A*5-5177127R82-37673 Robert Fairley  
19763A*4-6110210R81-440132 Robert Fairley  
19752A*7-3185164R72-24988 Robert Fairley  
19742A*4-6110107R7 Ralph Bell  
19732A*5-5132160 Ralph Bell  
19722A*5-3-29492 Ralph Bell  
19712A*5-4-112365 Ralph Bell  
19703A*6-4188135 Ralph Bell  
19693A*8-1-116952 Ralph Bell  
19683A*4-4-213894 Ralph Bell  
19673A*6-4187156 Ralph Bell  
19663A*7-3258164 Lamar Cost  
19653A*10-023858 Don Bulger  
19643A*9-0-123378 Don Bulger  
19633A*10-036751 Don Bulger  
1962*10-041739 Don Bulger  
1961*7-2-118185 Don Bulger  
19602-6-199177 Don Bulger  
1959*7-3232101 Don Bulger  
1958*2-871226 Don Bulger  
19570-945302 Don Bulger  
1956*2-766190 Hugh Smith  
1955*3-5-1102223 Roy Mann  
1954*5-5102127 Roy Mann  
19533-5113137 Roy Mann  
19521-7-231179 Roy Mann  
1951*6-4264102 Buck Stringer  
1950*5-5123141 Buck Stringer  
1949*2-874197 J.W. Waites  
1948*4-6108140 J.W. Waites  
1947*3-5-165129 J.W. Waites  
19461-6-131123 Braxton Baker  
1945*6-1-218434 Braxton Baker  
1944*5-38573 Braxton Baker  
1943*3-36178 Woodrow Elliott  
1942      No Team
19410-5-113169 John Anthony Bozovich  
19402-4-27474 Hack Wilson  
19390-80270 Hack Wilson  
19384-3-19782 Hack Wilson  
1937*6-119327 Hack Wilson  
1936*5-3-114096 R.S. Hosmer  
1935*3-5-192185 R.S. Hosmer  
1934*3-6-146194 R.W. Peacock  
1933*1-8-156177 Earnest Garrett  
1932*3-662132 Ed Jenkins  
19310-77204 Winfield Walker  
1930      No Team
1929      No Team
1928      No Team
19276-1-118819 G.R. McNeil  
19266-1-114929 G.R. McNeil  
19255-49979 John Goodwin  
19245-213138 E.L. Lillie  
1923*7-2-119810 Carl Barclay  
19221-3-21371 Carl Barclay  
19213-4-1107117 A.P. Longshore  
19204-01317 A.P. Longshore  
1919*4-119539 Edgar Shotts  
1918      No Team
1915*3-23461 J.W. Freeman  
1913*3-2-18945 Paul Luck  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Clay County shutout an amazing eleven opponents in 1996. The Panthers outscored their opponents 613-42 finishing the season 15-0.