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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Geneva County Yearly Summary

Geneva County Bulldogs
Geneva County High School

301 Lily St. Hartford, AL 36344
Stadium: Dixie Howell Stadium
Colors: Purple & Gold
Coach: Jim Bob Striplin
Region: 2A-R2
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20202A*8-43522941-16452R25-2234201 Jim Bob Striplin  
20192A*4-6447405R23-4325285 Jim Bob Striplin  
20182A*6-53013430-1040R25-2231180 Jim Bob Striplin  
20172A*6-53402950-11442R24-2193115 Jim Bob Striplin  
20162A*4-6272316R23-3185190 Jim Bob Striplin  
20152A*2-7123291R22-5103206 Eric Reynolds  
20142A*7-42782661-14856R25-2209165 Eric Reynolds  
20131A*9-33732391-14047R25-2244154 Eric Reynolds  
20121A*8-33431810-1728R26-1285105 Eric Reynolds  
20111A*6-62462651-12443R24-2134128 Jeff Caldwell  
20101A*3-7214360R23-4174241 Jeff Caldwell  
20091A*7-43612320-12733R25-2239140 Darren Stewart  
20081A*4-72632500-1049R24-3226127 Darren Stewart  
20072A*4-6184249R22-5126194 Darren Stewart  
20062A*9-23821990-13042R26-1240131 Toby Greene  
20052A*2-8164363R21-6105286 Toby Greene  
20042A*4-6207326R23-4149240 Toby Greene  
20032A*1-9146323R21-692231 Max Whittaker  
20022A*0-1087386R20-754266 Max Whittaker  
20012A*1-9118358R21-692248 Rick Moody  
20002A*9-33481361-12233R26-124154 Rick Moody  
19992A*8-42772301-15062R41-13430 Rick Moody  
19982A*10-12611250-1621R4#2-04932 Rick Moody  
19972A*3-81332920-1828R52-16359 Rick Moody  
19962A*7-42661600-11435R52-19340 Larry Lee  
19952A*9-22461551-16332R4#3-05648 Larry Lee  
19942A*3-7146232R40-32790 Larry Lee  
19932A*8-42651491-15430R4#2-16520 Larry Lee  
19922A*11-24131372-16931R4#3-010626 Donny Rogers  
19912A*6-3177133R41-22666 Donny Rogers  
19902A*3-7107164R41-22752 David Snell  
19892A*4-71051930-1042R41-11632 David Snell  
19882A*2-875152R40-21029 David Snell  
19872A*3-81322570-1341R32-15856 David Snell  
19862A*8-42131331-13350R3#3-0830 David Snell  
19853A*7-51551361-12124R33-14934 David Snell  
19843A*2-8114210R30-43382 Tom Carr  
19832A*0-1053198R40-732138 Tom Carr  
19822A*6-416996R43-47372 Tom Carr  
19812A*4-673171R42-25091 Mark Ford  
19802A*0-1034259R40-420125 Don Chesteen  
19792A*7-42151540-107R4#5-112365 Don Chesteen  
19782A*8-221791R45-113963 Don Chesteen  
19772A*2-847184R40-59104 Don Chesteen  
19762A*4-6134147R42-476123 Neal Markham  
19752A*3-7118192R42-36983 Neal Markham  
19742A*2-6-253233R4 Vernon Baggett  
19732A*6-4154131 Vernon Baggett  
19722A*4-6168154 Vernon Baggett  
19712A*6-410793 R.L. Godsey  
19702A*3-7132169 R.L. Godsey  
19692A*4-4128193 Steve Holley  
19682A*5-4-1102139 Ed Comer  
19672A*0-8-147144 C.T. Burgess  
19662A*6-413696 C.T. Burgess  
19652A*3-7124120 C.T. Burgess  
19642A*2-7102144 C.T. Burgess  
19632A*9-0-121047 James Chesteen  
1962*10-026158 James Chesteen  
1961*7-2-110935 James Chesteen  
1960*3-781129 James Chesteen  
1959*5-4-1136113 James Chesteen  
1958*5-3-2191106 C.T. Burgess Jr.  
1957*5-5155180 C.T. Burgess Jr.  
1956*2-8110220 C.T. Burgess Jr.  
1955*4-5-180131 C.T. Burgess Jr.  
1954*6-4169170 Al Alford  
1953*6-417875 Al Alford  
1952*6-2-2166111 Al Alford  
1951*1-960274 Charlie Finney  
1950*5-5145140 Charlie Finney  
1949*1-7-226201 Albert Arnold  
1948*4-692189 Lon Wise  
1947*6-2-122870 Lon Wise  
1946*7-216253 Lon Wise  
1945*8-133768 Lon Wise  
1944*6-214750 Brainard Richards  
1943*8-121325 Brainard Richards  
19420-48106 Lon Wise  
1941*6-321278 Lon Wise  
19405-29998 Lon Wise  
19371-72793 Ed Eubanks  
1934*8-123333 Aubrey Gresham  
19333-211038 Aubrey Gresham  
1931*8-220834 Walter Laney  
1929*8-032120 O.O. Bruner  
19282-4-24464 Bowman  
19253-2-19432 Joe Whiteside  
19241-3-12154 Bookie Snapp  
19224-213025 Cook  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

From 1947 until his retirement in 1992 Glenn Daniel's teams won 302 games at Pine Hill and Luverne. He was the winningest coach in state history until 2010.